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Member of the Chamber of Commerce for Persons with Disabilities
Art for Autism
Autism Education & Support: What is Autism?
Our Mission: To raise awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder and to develop programs that will transform the lives of children with ASD as well as support parents, teachers and other caregivers in helping children with Autism to lead more productive, happy lives.

Our goal at the Art for Autism Foundation is to provide additional resources for children with autism, their families, and other caregivers. We focus on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques, which improve the learning and teaching experience for all participants. We firmly believe that these strategies, paired with art therapy, are truly the best way to support the growth and development of children with autism.

Art plays such a major role in Art for Autism because of its amazing potential as a communication tool. The vast majority, in fact over 60% of children with autism have severely limited or no communication skills. Through art, children with autism discover and master a new outlet for self-expression, -exploration, and –discovery.



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